100% security

Because safety is one of our main concepts, we have installed an innovative, 100% safe, continuous lifeline system from the Vertical Trek Innovations brand. This system allows the adventurer to evolve in our tree circuits without there being the possibility of disconnecting from the security cable at any time.

The hook “SEVEN” is placed on the safety cable at the beginning of the circuit and is released at the end of the route. The participants, both children and adults, are permanently attached to the lifeline.

Continuous lifeline

Our continuous lifeline system is fluid, intuitive and adaptive to all. So everyone can practice without limits.

Highly comfortable harnesses

For the security of our costumers, we have integrated harnesses that are ergonomic, light and auto adjustable.

Guarantee and manipulation

We guarantee the impossibility of the carabiners ever detaching from the circuit and that it makes the process simple for the little ones.


EXPLORA PARK has contracted insurance for Civil Liability and Accidents. Its parks are built and operated in compliance with current European regulations, EN 15567, and have an annual certificate issued for this purpose by an external certification company, CEREC CONTROL.